We’ve started hearing a lot of rumors about who Fox might cast in their Fantastic Four reboot, and if the rumors are true, it’s really not shaping up to be all that different a cast from the one they used the first time around. It’s not like they’re after Tom Hanks to play Thing or Al Pacino to play Victor Von Doom. Instead rumor has it that they’re putting together another motley assortment of mid-level Hollywood talent and well liked TV actors looking to make the jump into film. Just like the first time around.

Last week Adrien Brody and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were rumored to be up for the movie’s lead role, Reed Richards. Now the latest rumor is that Stephen Moyer, who plays the vampire Bill on True Blood, may be up for the part of villain Victor Von Doom. In the first series of movies the character was played by Julian McMahan, fresh off the early days of Nip/Tuck, back when it was the hot, edgy, sexy, it show on television. Sound familiar? Yeah, sounds a little like a vampire show called True Blood.

Comic Book Movie says an offer is currently out to Moyer, which probably means we’ll find out in the next few weeks whether there’s any validity to their rumor-mongering. Frankly I find the whole thing rather disappointing. What’s the point in rebooting this thing if they’re just going to rehash the same characters? They have to recast the Fantastic Four, but there’s no reason Doom needed to be involved again. There are plenty of other villains out there. Changing up the bad guy would have at least been something different. The more I hear about this project the more it sounds like they’re just doing the same movies, all over again. What’s the point?

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