While Chris Weitz's adaptation of The Golden Compass wasn't as successful or good as any fan of Philip Pullman's series would have hoped, though it did show that Weitz has a surprisingly good eye for special effects. This is coming from the guy whose previous experience involved figuring out how to make it look like a dude was doing the nasty with a pie. Now he's responsible for The Twilight Saga New Moon, the sequel to a movie that had less than stellar special effects thanks to a small budget and Catherine Hardwicke's little experience with such storytelling. And it looks like Weitz may have pulled it off.

Yahoo! UK has a short clip of what seems to be a pivotal scene from The Twilight Saga New Moon. In it, Edward takes on the vampire royalty known as the Volturi in hopes of saving the beloved Bella. I'll admit that I wasn't sure what they'd be able to get done in the 45 seconds this clip lasted, but it's more than you'd expect. And while Weitz uses the same slow-motion to fast-forward style that Hardwicke did, it just seems a lot smoother. Does that mean this movie will be better? Doubtful. But it does mean that it will probably look cooler.

Check out the clip at Yahoo! UK and tell us what you think below.

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