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While the recently revealed trailer for the anticipated Veronica Mars movie seemed to emphasize character drama a bit more than it did crime and mystery, the poster for the film, which just arrived today, does offer a hint of noir, along with the familiar sight of Kristen Bell behind her trusted camera (and giant telephoto lens). Lest we forget about that mentioned character drama, the negatives to the right show us some familiar faces.

We have Yahoo to thank for this new poster. Here’s a zoom-in on the faces:


Among them from top to bottom we have Chris Lowell (Piz), Jason Dohring (Logan), Percy Daggs III (Wallace), Ryan Hansen (Dick), Krysten Ritter (Gia), Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars), Logan and Veronica again, Tina Majorino (Mac) and Francis Capra (Weevil).

Of everyone there, Gia’s kind of the most random, considering she only recurred in the second season. Still, who doesn’t love Krysten Ritter? So, no complaints.

As for the "She Thought She Was Out" tagline, Veronica Mars is set to take place about a decade after the series wrapped up and will have Bell’s character headed back to Neptune, after having left the Southern California town and her life as a private detective behind to become a lawyer. In town for the reunion, she’s also drawn into a new murder mystery as her ex-boyfriend Logan is suspected of murdering his pop star girlfriend.

There’ve been some exciting updates on the Veronica Mars news front, in addition to the release of the new trailer and above poster. We also learned this week that all three seasons of the original TV series are now available streaming on Amazon Prime. So those who need a refresher or want to get caught up — or love the idea of 2-day shipping — might consider a Prime membership. And then there’s the news that Veronica Mars will screen its worldwide premiere at South by Southwest in Austin in March. The timing really couldn’t be more perfect, as SXSW is a great venue for a film like this, and it kicks off March 7 this year, exactly one week ahead of when Veronica Mars is set to hit select theaters across the country. After its released, those who pledged at certain levels of the film’s Kickstarter campaign will receive a digital copy of the film.

Here’s the trailer that released earlier this month:

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