Wreck-It Ralph isn’t a great movie just because of its astoundingly creative story, beautiful animation, and its impressive world-building – it also has some truly top-notch vocal performances. Featuring the likes of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, the feature is cast perfectly up and down and while their voices are familiar, all of the stars are still able to disappear into their characters and give them independent life. They made most of their chances to pair up in the recording studio, and the result is fun, improvised banter that adds to the film’s humor. They make a great movie even greater, and I was beyond happy to have the chance to speak with all of them.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a press event for Wreck-It Ralph in Los Angeles and below you’ll find my interviews with the movie’s stars. Watch the videos to see Reilly explain unwillingness to be typecast; Silverman discuss how she developed the sweet, nasally voice for the little Vanellope von Schweetz; and Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch talk about the strange experience of watching themselves in an animated film And, of course, I had to ask all of them what it was like being part of the incredible Disney Animation Studios legacy.

Check them out!

John C. Reilly

Sarah Silverman

*Note: Here’s a link to the scene from The Way of The Gun that I was talking about during my interview with Sarah Silverman. Definitely NSFW without a pair of headphones.

Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch

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