Before it was a high-profile premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Life in a Day was just a bunch of YouTube videos-- well, sort of. When the project was announced in July 2010, director Kevin McDonald and producer Ridley Scott were soliciting videos from people all over the world documenting what they were up to on July 24 that year. The filmmakers then combined the crowd-sourced material with professionally shot video to make Life in a Day, a surprisingly stirring and lovely documentary that, indeed, premiered at Sundance in January.

After a brief theatrical release, Life in a Day has come full circle-- it's now available in its entirety on YouTube, or embedded below if you like. I saw the movie at Sundance and reviewed it there, and think the movie benefits from being watched in one sitting-- it's kind of hypnotic, and eventually very moving, to get wrapped up in all these mundane activities that, put together, make up a wide swath of human activity on earth. But if you play the YouTube video in 10-minute chunks every now and then, I wouldn't blame you. Think of it like the best-organized, most aesthetically pleasing skim through YouTube videos. Take a look below, pause it and come back if you like, and appreciate one of the most disarmingly simple but lovely documentaries of the year.

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