Parents know that stories made up by children can best be described as “wildly unpredictable.” So the new project Written By a Kid should follow along a zig-zagging path of mystery and creativity. The first episode sets the insanely zany tone with Scary Smash, the story of Joss Whedon fighting the giant robot that killed Dave Foley. Watch for yourself:

The skit hilariously blends live-action, animation and over-the-top acting into a rapid-fire clip inspired by the story of Brett Ballgad, a five-year-old narrator. Whedon plays Gerald, the “really fun” leader of a S.Q.U.A.T. team brought in to stop a rampaging, one-eyed monster. Somehow, even though it stems from the brain of a child, it’s more sensical and far more entertaining than Battleship. Someone hand a studio over to these children!

The short film, hopefully the first in a very long series, is produced by Felicia Day (The Guild), and directed by Daniel Strange. In addition to the reel, there’s a behind-the-scenes piece on the casting, where Strange flat out admits he has no idea why Whedon said yes to their project … seeing as how clips on the Internet make no money. But if you look at the finished project, you can see why Whedon, Dave Foley and Raising Hope co-star Kate Micucci would want to participate. Here’s that clip. I really hope more celebs see these and want to participate. Because kids have endless amounts of stories that could be told. And really, isn’t that what the Internet is for?

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