Ironically, Steven Spielberg has been relying on cutting-edge technologies and popular forms of social media to help promote his new historical drama, Lincoln. There was the trailer launch during a Google+ Hang Out with Spielberg and Lincoln co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And then, following the ballyhooed New York Film Festival “secret screening,” Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis sat down for a Yahoo! Movies Q-and-A hosted by noted Oscar columnist Mark Harris. If you missed it (it was held Tuesday evening, Oct. 10), the session has been archived and his now available – where else? – on the Internet:

The 42-minute conversation took place after a special screening held for area students and faculty. It covers a number of interesting topics, including the initial scope of the project (Spielberg says that the first draft was longer than an HBO mini-series) and the process Day-Lewis took in discovering who this man was and what made him tick.

“I began to read Doris' book which was probably the springboard for all of us, and I essentially ran out of excuses and that was it,” Day-Lewis admits in the chat. “I can't account for why at the moment why it appeared inevitable to me, but I think it has in common in all the moments in my life when I have taken on any piece of work. I have to feel there really isn't a choice. In this case, in that moment, I felt I had no choice but to try and understand this thing.”

It’s a fascinating listen. Spielberg’s such a compelling storyteller, and Day-Lewis can be press shy, so having him in one spot for this amount of time, being able to pick his brain for what seems like an important role, is rare. So far I think it’s fantastic that Spielberg is hitting the campaign trail on behalf of this film as we get closer to the limited release date on November 9th. You should be able to see Lincoln once it expands on November 16th, but until then this informative clip is a meaty prologue.

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