In 2009 actor-turned-writer/director/producer Michael Stephenson changed his legacy in the film world. Prior to that time the title that Stephenson was best known for was Troll 2, a 1990 horror flick he starred in that is considered by many to be one of the worst movies ever made. How Stephenson was able to flip the script was the documentary Best Worst Movie, a project that dove into the legacy of Troll 2, both going behind the scenes of the production and looking at the cult status that it has attained. The filmmaker hasn't released anything since then, but is finally ready to unleash his latest doc: American Screams.

Instead of sticking around and analyzing the film world some more, this time around Stephenson is following three families in a small Massachusetts who get really, really into the Halloween season and decorate their properties accordingly. Check out the first trailer for the movie, released by Magic Stone Productions.

I feel like we've all known families like this from when we were growing up - I know I certainly did - so it will be interesting to see if the director is able to really get inside the mind of these people. What is it about the holiday that brings out this part of their personality? What makes scaring people so fun? I'm also just looking forward to seeing the more creative designs they come up with.

The American Scream, which premiered last month at Fantastic Fest, is in select theaters now, but if it's not playing anywhere near you, you can just wait until October 28th when it is shown on the Chiller television network.

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