As Hurricane Sandy blustered its way up the East Coast, New Yorkers were battening down the hatches, stocking up on bottled water, canned goods and booze, and in some cases evacuating from dangerous Zone A. By Sunday night, public transportation had shut down, and we all settled in for what could be several days without outside contact, power, or possibly access to the web. Basically, we prepared for the hurricane, and to go stir crazy.

It was a frightening time where many of us took to Twitter and Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family. To pass the time as the wind howled and the tides rose, some of us watched movies online, giving Netflix Instant a major bump. Others played videos games, or blogged. And then there was one creative oddball in Queens who decided to take the time trapped inside to add himself to the '90s classic Varsity Blues. Of course, if you were going to plant yourself within this teen football epic, which scene would you pick? The whipped cream seduction scene! (Obviously.) Check out the results below:

Fun fact: that is not whipped cream on the face and shorts of professional actor Avery Monsen; it's shaving cream.

I first saw this vid earlier in the week when a friend of mine shared it with the comment "this is what happens when your roomie asks to borrow your shaving cream during a hurricane." Though I'd never met Monsen, I'd heard a lot about him. I knew he was the author of the hysterical picture book All my friends are dead and that he had made a string of videos where he covers pop songs with a recorder, topless in front of a home-made green screen.

Then, the other night, I was waiting in line to see a movie and overheard the man behind me telling his friend that he didn't have whipped cream in the house, so he had to improvise with shaving cream, which he regretted when it got into his mouth. I turned around and recognized Monsen immediately. After awkwardly introducing myself and commending him on his wacky inventiveness, I asked him how he came up with his latest comedy bit. He joked that he was really at his most ambitious and creative during natural disasters. Happily, his bevy of other videos and follow-up books All my friends are still dead and K is for Knifeball prove otherwise.

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