We've been pretending for months now that this February's A Good Day to Die Hard never actually happened, and it's about to get a whole lot easier to let amnesia protect the memory of John McClane. Well, really, it's Channing Tatum who will be doing it. In this new four-minute trailer for White House Down, you can see more of what's been promised by months of posters and trailers featuring Tatum in the signature John McClane white tank top. Shit is going down at the White House… and only one, ordinary cop can save the day.

This extended look, which you can watch in high-res at Apple, includes a bizarre amount of setup for a story this dead simple, and already established in this year's Olympus Has Fallen, and I'm really curious why it gives over so much time in the middle to wondering about the identity of the bad guys. We know that Jason Clarke will be playing the central baddie, and that it's a group of domestic terrorists, but how much more about these guys do we really need to know? Is there a conspiracy plot or something more complicated hidden in there somehow-- and if so, is that really what we're looking for in a movie in which Roland Emmerich blows up the Capitol Building?

But eventually this trailer gets around to the meat of what I think we're all looking for here-- Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum, shooting rockets and kicking bad guys and exchanging quips in the process. The two big laugh lines at the end of this-- "Can you not hit me with a rocket while I'm trying to drive?" and "Get your hands off my Jordans!" -- have been repeated many times in the marketing, and you get the sense that they're hoping either will be the new equivalent of Independence Day's "Welcome to earth." I'm hoping there are more good lines where those came from, but even if not, the rapport between Foxx and Tatum is obvious even from these few short scenes. And if you need a bit more evidence, well, there's always this insane Jimmy Kimmel appearance to convince you:

Even if White House Down doesn't quite live up to the legend of the original Die Hard-- and that's a tall order, you have to admit-- it's looking like the summer's best straightforward action movie by a mile, and yet another chance to crown Channing Tatum as the new action star who somehow arrived to us via Nicholas Sparks movies. Hey, Bruce Willis got his start on Moonlighting. Every tank top wearing hero emerges in his own way.

White House Down opens June 28.

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