We’ve been tormented with rumors of an Anchorman 2 for months now, as various cast members from the first movie and even the director, Adam McKay, have chimed in to say they’d be down to put on the polyester suits again. And now the man himself, Ron Burgundy, has confirmed he’s interested as well. During an interview for Step Brothers in New York, Ferrell said, “We might do another Anchorman, potentially. That’s such a fun character to do again.”

Ferrell obviously has to hedge his bets that the movie won’t get off the ground when he says “might,” but his participation seems to be the only thing necessary to get the movie made. Asked why he would want to revisit Ron Burgundy and the San Diego news team, Ferrell said, ”We had so much fun making that movie, and it was hard to get made. But what’s been great is it’s kind of taken on such a life of its own.”

His Step Brothers co-star, John C. Reilly, chimed in to add “It’s beloved!” Ferrell, ever modest, responded “At least the feedback that we get is that it’s beloved. It feels like an evergreen thing that we could go back do it again.”

So what do we think? Steve Carell, Adam McKay and Will Ferrell all say they’re on board. All we need is Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate and David Koechner now, and if making the movie was as much fun as they say it was, why wouldn’t they return? As great as it is to see Ferrell take on new characters in all of his movies, Anchorman is definitely something that seems worth revisiting. And if it was hard to get made at the time, now that everyone involved is a star in their own right, the only challenge seems to be getting the schedules to work out. Come on, Action News team! San Diego can’t stay classy without you.

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