"Tom Cruise And Reese Witherspoon To Be In A Movie Together" should be a strong enough headline to propel any production and get some attention from the mass audience. After all, the two actors are some of the biggest stars of the last 20 years. So when news broke in March that they would be doing a movie together set in the world of rodeo it was big enough news. Apparently someone might not think there is enough star-power there.

Access Hollywood reports that Cruise was recently seen with Will Smith and a host of others at a restaurant where they were holding a table read for the aforementioned rodeo movie, titled Paper Wings. In addition to Smith, the other actors included Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Eric Dane, Tom Arnold, Johnny Galecki and Jenna Elfman. A representative for Smith's company, which is producing the film, was quick to push down any prospective rumors, however, saying that "any actor’s presence at this table read does not mean that they have officially signed onto this project."

It's entirely possible that Smith was only there to oversee the table read as a producer as the report doesn't say whether or not the actor was going over lines, but don't you kind of hope that he will be involved? As unpopular as he is at the moment, Cruise still knows how to put on a terrific performance and seeing him act alongside a guy like Smith could remind an audience of that. Considering the actor is a bit busy (his IMDb page shows 30 projects in development) it's not something I would put money on, but it would be good to see nonetheless.

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