You probably already saw that the second Toy Story 3 trailer debuted today, and that it features a whole lot of the new characters we've been promised we'd see in the film. From the cuddly pink teddy bear who seems to be the mayor of the new daycare center to the purple sparkly octopus who gives massages, there's a lot of new faces. We're not sure we've even seen all of them, but below we've got your guide to the ones we saw in the trailer-- who's voicing them, what the characters are, and what we might expect from them in the story. Watch for updates here as we further investigate the trailer and learn more. Also feel free to point us to the ones we missed in the comments.


Probably the oldest new character, as he was first introduced in Up (see his Up cameo here). Voiced by Ned Beatty, Lotso is a big, purple/pink bear who walks with a cane and seems to be the leader of the daycare toys. Let’s hope things go better for him than they did in Deliverance.


Voiced by Flight of the Conchords star Kristen Schaal, not much is known about this character, other than the fact that she is talking to Velocistar237 (he’s just a dinosaur down the street) about the Dark Fortress. Don’t be surprised if Rex (Wallace Shawn) finds a love interest in this movie.


Well-known from the world of Barbie. Voiced by Michael Keaton (too bad a Batman action figure was out of the question), he seems to serve the same role that Barbie did around the toy store in the second installment, this time showing the gang their new home. He’s a big fan of leg warmers and wears a nice ascot.

Purple Octopus

He’s a big fan of giving massages, fanning, shaking multiple hands at once and gambling, though he doesn’t seem to think that Andy’s toys stand much of a chance. It’s not yet known who will be doing the voice.

Mr. Pricklepants

Though he doesn’t have any lines in the new trailer, you can see him standing next to Woody as he attempts to map his way home back to Andy’s. The character is voiced by Timothy Dalton and probably has the greatest name in cinema history.

Praying Mantis Strongman

Though he doesn’t have any lines (yet), this character has already managed to make Mr. Potato Head feel inadequate with his physique. He always seems to be in the background of the scene, meaning he may play an important role yet.

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