There's no young actress working today who's better at the action heroine thing than Zoe Saldana, and she knows it. While we can still hold out hope that Lt. Uhura gets to kick more ass in Star Trek 2, Saldana is moving on to another action project in the meantime, in early negotiations to start in Columbiana for producer Luc Besson and Transporter 3 director Olivier Megaton.

According to THR, Saldana would star as a Colombian woman who becomes an assassin after witnessing her parents' murder as a child. After training as a hitman for her uncle, she takes on other vigilante murders that lead her to the ultimate target, the mobster who killed her parents to begin with. It's classic revenge cinema brought to its most basic level, but the male-heavy audiences who see these movies will probably be so engrossed by Saldana's mile-long legs they won't even notice.

Saldana's performance in Avatar demonstrated some serious dramatic acting chops, but I can't blame her for going the action route-- she's young, she's hot, and there's been a void for female action heroes ever since Angelina Jolie started adopting all those kids. I just hope she doesn't get caught in some gun-toting ghetto, where 10 years later we find her making Columbiana 10 and wondering where she went wrong. Luc Besson can be convincing, we're sure, so keep your head up Zoe!

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