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With the re-imagining of Saban's Power Rangers comes some newly minted territory that the film will try to claim in the name of refreshing the franchise. Between Zordon's more post-modern art look and Rita Repulsa's role being bumped into a more active capacity, this movie definitely isn't the Power Rangers you grew up watching after school. And now it looks like things are about to become even more different, as we've got some key details on how Goldar will come into play in the new film. If you're looking to go in fresh, then we suggest you look away, as the photo below shows the well known heavy in a different role than he's ever played before.

Twitter feed Power Rangers NOW has scored what looks like photos of the merchandising that will be released for Saban's Power Rangers, and Goldar looks like he's going to be a Zord for Rita Repulsa to use at her disposal. Not only is this practical when it comes to Goldar's purpose of being able to break through any and all barriers protecting the vital Zeo crystal, but you can bet your lunch that it'll be used in some sort of knock down, drag out confrontation between Rita and The Rangers. Otherwise, why make him a damned Zord?

Most old school Power Rangers fans will probably lump this development in with the fact that Goldar is, literally, made of gold in this incarnation. Which means they probably don't like it one bit. But to be completely honest, this change is one of many that could help turn the old-school sci-fi martial arts TV spectacle into the sort of big budget blockbuster that Saban's looking to cash in on. Not to mention, the most recent trailer for the film has managed to gather some decent buzz since its release, and folks seem to have a pretty positive outlook on the results.

Actually, it's funny that the second trailer has come up, as it was the first indication that Goldar would be going this route. If you fast forward to the 01:58 mark, you can see Goldar wrecking shop and looming above Angel Grove, while Rita commands him on the ground. We've included the trailer below for reference.

"Change" is the watch word for Saban's Power Rangers, and it looks like there's a lot of it headed our way with this new movie. With a little under two months to go before the finished product is released, we'll be keeping a close eye on what's coming down the line. But so far, consider us cautiously optimistic. Saban's Power Rangers will fight for Earth and Zordon on March 24, 2017.

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