The Golden Globes is one of the most sought after tickets of the year in Hollywood, as the free-flowing booze and laid-back atmosphere makes it one of the least stressful events during awards season. But despite the relaxed ambience of the ceremony, those in charge of the event have decided to go down hard on Munawar Hosain, a member of the Foreign Press who has been banned from the ceremony for two years after his tickets for the 2017 awards were scalped for $39,000.

This incident can be traced all the way back to January, when a security agent working on behalf of the HFPRA purchased Munawar Hosain's tickets for a combined total of $39,000. They were able to buy them through the ticketing agency VIP Concierge. Unfortunately for Munawar Hosain this was actually just part of a sting operation, and an investigation was soon ordered, the culmination of which occurred on Friday.

This is when The Hollywood Foreign Press Association held a membership meeting and decided to ban Munawar Hosain from the Golden Globes for two years. Munawar Hosain, who is originally from Bangladesh but has in the past represented Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Poland, Denmark, and Bangladesh in the HFPA, is probably feeling rather aggrieved at the suspension at the moment though. That's because he is adamant that he wasn't involved in the sale of these tickets. Instead he explained that he gave them to one of his friends in Orange County, who then went on to resell the tickets without Munawar Hosain's permission.

Munawar Hosain even went as far as to ask his friend to write a letter declaring his innocence. In the letter, Munawar Hosain's pal claimed that he did indeed receive the Golden Globes tickets only to then go and sell them, which he did without asking his friend for the correct protocol. The problem for Munawar Hosain extends further than the Golden Globes tickets. According to The Wrap's insiders, Munawar Hosain has a history of being confronted by the HFPA, and his list of discrepancies has grown so long the group has now decided to take action against him.

The HFPA stopped short of throwing its full weight at Munawar Hosain, though. Not only is he not suspended from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but he's also still able to attend its press conferences and junkets, too. Of course, if Munawar Hosain's version of events does turn out to be true, we're guessing he'll have some rather harsh and choice words for his pal. Especially if he didn't get a cut of the $39,000. At least he'll be back in action at some point... at the 2020 Golden Globes.

In the meantime, Munawar Hosain and the rest of the Hollywood Foreign Press, as well as your fine selves, can check out CinemaBlend's full 2017 movie schedule to see what's going to be in contention at next year's Golden Globes, which will unfold on January 7, 2018.

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