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The Ramona stories by Beverly Cleary are all about the girls, true, and that's why they've been beloved by little girls and their moms for generations. But seriously, there's room for boys too! And Hutch Dano is going to prove it to you, making his film debut in Ramona and Beezus, Fox 2000 and Walden Media's adaptation of the book series.

Dano will play Henry Huggins, who is a classmates of Ramona's older sister Beezus and the object of her affections. According to THR Henry was actually the first character to exist in this universe, in Cleary's first novel Henry Huggins.

I love the old-fashioned names of this story, and hope young kids won't be distracted by the fact that the characters aren't named Jennifer or Zoey. Learn your history, kids, and you just might have fun doing it.

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