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If you’re like me, you can’t get enough coverage of Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. Unfortunately, save for a few pictures and a gorgeous trailer, we haven’t been able to see much of the film yet. Thankfully for us though, Spike Jonze recently started a blog where not only has he posted about the film but random thoughts of his as well. serves as more of a love letter to all things Wild Things than a normal behind-the-scenes Director’s blog. On it, Jonze has posted everything from interviews he’s found on the internet with Maurice Sendak to a presentation given at TED by novelist turned Wild Things screenwriter Dave Eggers. It’s easy to see that Jonze is deeply invested in the work, and it makes me more than happy that he’s the guy made responsible for turning this staple of my childhood into a film.

With this blog, Wild Things skateboards (made by Spike’s Girl Skateboard company, no less), and a book written by Dave Eggers set to be released in conjunction with the movie, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the promotion of this movie. Now all I want is a Wild Thing costume to come out in time for next Halloween. Or maybe even some underoos. We love you so too, Spike.

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