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When casting changes involve big name stars-- like Russell Crowe replacing Brad Pitt in State of Play, for example-- usually the trades acknowledge it and traffic in some basic speculation. But with Halloween actress Scout Taylor-Compton apparently replacing Alessandra Torresani as Lita Ford in the music biopic The Runaways, Variety isn't mentioning it at all, and it's up to the onliners to speculate exactly what happened.

Torresani told MTV just a few weeks ago that she was confirmed to play Lita Ford, the guitarist for The Runaways who joined the group when she was 17. Slashfilm suggests that Taylor-Compton may have gotten the role instead because she knows how to play the guitar, and Torresani does not.

Taylor-Compton will be in the public eye big-time before The Runaways even finishes filming-- she's starring as Laurie Strode once more in this summer's Halloween II. Check out her fighting spirit as she fends off Michael Meyers' murderous attempts, and see if she has what it takes to play a punk rock icon.

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