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Even though Angels & Demons was forgotten about a week after it came out, and made slightly less than Taken, a third Ron Howard movie based on a Dan Brown book is still coming our way. The book it will be based on, The Lost Symbol, won't come out until September, but Slashfilm tracked down the newly released jacket art and speculated on a few plot points based on what they saw.

Most obviously, the book will be set in Washington, D.C., a series previously only mined by the National Treasure movies for Masonic secrets and hidden pathways. The red wax seal seen hovering over the Capitol is apparently associated with the Freemasons, a mysterious and conspiracy-laden group who pretty much exist to give Dan Brown new material. According to Brown's U.S. editor, "[Brown] pulls back the veil — revealing anunseen world of mysticism, secret societies, and hidden locations, with a stunning twist that long predates America."

Check out a larger image of the book jacket you see above at Slashfilm. Does this make you any more excited to see a third Robert Langdon movie? I'm guessing not, but at least the book will probably make decent beach reading when it comes out in paperback.

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