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Everyone surprised themselves when they fell in love with Taken earlier this year, but even the movie's biggest defenders can admit that the only good parts of that movie are action. Luckily that's what 80% of Taken was, and director Pierre Morel seems to be sticking with what works for his next film too. Universal has picked him to direct Pursuit, which is set in a war zone. Oh boy! More gunfire!

The story involved seems to be a bit more realistic and maybe dramatic; according to Variety it's based on the early career of photographer Jason Howe, who went on assignment in Colombia and fell in love with a woman who turned out to be an assassin. Yes, more realistic than the notion that every pretty girl in Europe is bound to be sold into sex slavery, but not really that much more.

And there's even more good news! Morel told Variety that he and Luc Besson are trying to come up with a sequel to Taken though since they're taking their time, it may be forever. Hopefully they can wave some money and convince Liam Neeson to come back for something so silly-- it's way below his usual quality level, but filming that thing had to be fun at least.

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