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If you’re adapting a writer’s book, you’re lucky if they give you their blessing, far less an invite into their personal world. Writers tend to be recluses with cabins in the deep woods or houses on tops of hills. J.D. Salinger has rarely been seen in recent years, other than a few weeks ago when he came out of hiding to sue someone over a sequel to Catcher in the Rye.

Fortunately for Spike Jonze, he’s Spike Jonze, which means he’s not just adapting a book, he’s creating a movie, his own piece of art. And although Maurice Sendak (whose Where the Wild Things Are will be released in theatres this winter, as directed by Spike Jonze) seems to belong to the hermity class of authors, he’s been more than supportive of Jonze’s venture, so much so, in fact, that Jonze was able to meet Sendak last week for the first time.

On his blog,, Jonze writes sparsely but effectively about his meeting with the legendary childrens' author. “Saw this good man last week,” Jonze writes. “Among [the] topics we covered were whales having more than one penis (he says three). I have never heard of this. Maybe he was pulling my leg? I haven’t looked it up because I kind of would rather just believe it.”

Spike’s wide-eyed and innocent appreciation further cements the fact that he’s the perfect guy to be directing this adaptation. Where the Wild Things Are can only be truly made by a man either just as or at least close to as imaginative Maurice Sendak. In his post, Spike writes, “Maurice is a good storyteller.” So are you, Spike. Read up on Spike's full encounter with Maurice and see pics from their get-together on his blog here.

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