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The visuals of Where the Wild Things Are look stunning, of course, but what really gets the mid-20s hipster crowd pumped about this movie is the music. From Arcade Fire in the trailer to the very fact that Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O is doing the music, everything about this movie squarely targets the indie music fanatics with a solid grip childlike wonder.

And to get just that crowd much more excited, MySpace has released a song from the soundtrack, with Karen O and "the children" singing "All Is Love." I know I've heard a bit of this song somewhere, maybe at Comic Con, but even on its own it fits nicely in to the vibe already established by the film. Honestly, it doesn't sound all that unlike the Arcade Fire song used in the trailer, which is probably the point. Anyway, listen to it over there, and have your hipster heart warmed by the thought of giant furry monsters who appreciate good music. Where The Wild Things Are comes out October 16.

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