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With the emergence of amazing Sci-Fi movies like District 9 and Moon, I thought that maybe Pandorum would be added to that list. But that’s because I didn’t really know anything about the movie. So I read the synopsis. Apparently it’s about a couple of astronauts who wake up on a ship, amnesia stricken, and find out that something horrible has happened. Fair enough. Oh wait, produced by Paul W.S. Anderson? Suspicious. Starring Dennis Quaid? Damn. This will probably suck.

A new motion poster has been released via Yahoo! for Pandorum and for utilizing a newer marketing strategy, this looks pretty half-assed. If they were trying to hype up the movie, they failed completely, with its corny tag line and lame exoskeleton-like effects, this doesn’t really do much to pique the interest of even my dog, who tends to like most anything she sees on a shiny screen.

Click the poster below to make it move. Warning: Poster plays sound!

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