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Around here, Gael Garcia Bernal is the totally hunky Mexican star of indie arthouse stuff, like his breakout movie Y Tu Mama Tambien or last year's Blindness. But back home, he's a serious celebrity, and apparently he's trying his best to attain that status here too. That's at least explanation for his signing on to be part of Earthbound, a drama about a terminally ill woman falling in love with her doctor in which he'll star against-- wait for it-- Kate Hudson.

Yeah, Kate Hudson is going to be part of Rob Marshall's Nine, the kind of prestigious Oscar-y movie that might restore her good name. And according to Variety the movie is directed by Nicole Kassell, who made the little Kevin Bacon indie The Woodsman back in 2004 and doesn't seem like the type to make a total, over-the-top, Grey's Anatomy-style weepie. But Bernal and Hudson are about the unlikeliest pair I can imagine at this point... maybe so unlikely that the movie will be worth seeing. If this is just Bernal's grab for American stardom, it at least has the good fortune of sounding kinda fascinating too.

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