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Ben Foster, a certified expert at playing a crazy person, is going to put those skills, once again, toward onscreen violence. He and Donald Sutherland, according to Variety, are joining Jason Statham in The Mechanic, a remake of the original 1973 Charles Bronson film.

Statham is playing the Bronson role, obviously, the hitman trying to retire. Foster will play Steve McKenna, a young apprentice who signs on to learn everything Statham knows, but might have something else in mind. Sutherland will play Statham's character's father, a character who (as far as I can tell) was not a major part of the original film.

Can you come up with anything wrong with these three on-screen badasses being in a movie together? I thought not. At least until we see thing, we can probably safely assume that Bronson's legacy is remaining in good shape.

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