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It will have been nearly a year since Taken became a surprise hit by the time director Pierre Morel's next film, From Paris With Love finally hits theaters. Not that that's an especially long time to wait, but isn't a year without Morel too long?

Anyway, he'll at least be keeping busy for the foreseeable future and keeping us entertained. For his next project he's decided on Signals, which is described in THR as in "the tone of a 1970s-era paranoid thriller like Three Days of the Condor." Media Rights Capital picked up the script last April and is fast-tracking the film; their president said in THR, "Pierre Morel is one of the most exciting filmmakers to emerge in years. Audiences have come to expect edge-of-their-seat action from him, and we are confident this next film will deliver just that."

If you just can't wait until February, now would be a very good time to track down District B13, Morel's French-language directorial debut that's completely insane and entertaining, like Taken with more parkour and less attention to plot development. It will immediately have you waiting anxiously, like I am, for whatever Morel comes up with next.

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