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It’s still hard to believe that Hoodwinked was successful. It had terrible animation that I could have made on my very first Acer PC, running Windows 98. The voice acting was awful, just a slew of big names who showed up to read lines. And the plot, while interesting, was executed sloppily. Despite all of this, the movie made millions and warranted a sequel. But it won’t be coming as soon as we thought.

According to the LA Times, The Weinstein Company has decided to push back the release of Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs. Evil from its original January 15 release date to some time in February. A Weinstein executive cited their desire to push Youth in Revolt (coming out January 8) as well as the need to tweak some of the animation. There are also fast food tie-in deals that have yet to be closed.

The original film was released on January 15 and obviously did very well, so it’s hard to say how this move will affect the flick (it may have to go up against Shutter Island or Kevin Smith’s Cop Out). But really, is anyone waiting for this to come out anyway? While Hoodwinked was initially successful, it definitely doesn’t have half the staying power of a Pixar movie.

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