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Sandra Bullock has already made it onto the cover of Entertainment Weekly as the Entertainer of the Year. Does she really need more accolades? Apparently so, according to the Quigley Publishing Company. The group surveyed movie theater executives to ask who they considered the top star of 2009, and Bullock earned the top spot.

Slashfilm speculates that the group has conveniently chosen to ignore Bullock's All About Steve, one of the worst films of the year, to focus on Bullock's two hits-- The Proposal, the summer romantic comedy that grossed $315 million worldwide, and The Blind Side, which is already in the top 10 for the year with a $200 million domestic gross (it opened in late November).

It's hard to argue with Bullock's success, especially given that most of the other major hits of the year were either primarily about robots or featured no major stars. But as a victim of All About Steve, I want to make sure that cinematic travesty is not constantly ignored. You may be on top of the world, Sandra, but I will Never Forget.

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