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Tom McCarthy is one of those guys who seems to be popping up everywhere these days-- directing The Visitor and helping Richard Jenkins get an Oscar nomination one day, getting a "story by" credit on Pixar's Up another, and then popping up as the good-natured but nerdy Gordon in 2012. The guy's got plenty of talent, and for his next project he might be teaming up with another ubiquitous presence-- Paul Giamatti.

Talking to MTV to promote his new film The Last Station, Giamatti said he may be moving on to work with McCarthy on Win Win, an independent project that McCarthy would direct and will film in New York and New Jersey. McCarthy's publicist contacted MTV to say that "this film is not for sure" and "it would be very premature to say anything," so there's no guarantee that the partnership will come to be. But Giamatti has a way of shining in pretty much anything he does, and McCarthy has a way of getting great performances out of actors in tiny movies, so there's really no reason not to root for this to happen. I hereby demand all the relevant teams of agents and managers to get together and make this a reality.

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