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Last we checked in with Warner Bros. planned live-action version of the manga Akira, it was struggling up from its deathbed, with Children of Men writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby putting together a script for the studio. Now Vulture is reporting that the project is fully back among the living, with Book of Eli directors Albert and Allen Hughes signed on to direct.

While the plan had initially been to turn the sprawling series into one two-hour feature film, apparently now it will be two films, the first based on the first three issues of the manga and due in theaters next year. That sounds like an awfully short window for a film that will presumably be effects heavy, so either they're making this film relatively on the cheap-- makes sense, given the Hughes' director profile-- or production is much further along than it seems.

Anime adaptations have never fared all that well at the American box office, so I like the idea of making an Akira movie that's not too expensive, allowing the studio to try a little less hard to shove the whole thing down our throats. Anime experts, tell me-- is it even a good idea for this to happen? If Akira is as complicated as it seems, is even a two-part movie going to do it justice? After all, "better than expected" still doesn't equal "good."

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