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Repo Men, let's face it, looks totally ridiculous-- set in a future in which companies produce replacement organs, and if you can't pay for it, repo men will show up and rip them out of your living body! But somewhere between schlock and genius there's genius schlock, which is where I'm hoping Repo Men will wind up. And the new posters released today by Universal give me some hope. Done like advertising posters for each of the replacement organs, and bearing snarky lines like "Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses," they're clever and original. Of course, they don't explain at all which movie they're for-- which I guess is what people like me are for.

Anyway, check out the four new posters below, and click on any of them for a higher-res version. Repo Men stars Forest Whitaker, Jude Law, Liev Schreiber and Alice Braga, and opens March 19.

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