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As production comes to a close on Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, Oliver Stone is looking to keep his feature career moving alongside his upcoming Showtime series Secret History of America. According to Deadline Hollywood, the controversial director has set his sights on Don Winslow's novel titled Savages, to be published this July.

The film will follow two Laguna Beach pot dealers, growing the best grass in town and sharing the same girlfriend (classy lady to be sure). Conflict ensues when the two refuse to break under the pressure of a Mexican drug cartel looking to move in on their territory. The cartel eventually kidnap the dealers' girlfriend for ransom, and the two dealers hatch a plan to get the girl back, get revenge, and get the hell out of dodge.

Deadline says that Stone has sunk some of his own money into the project in order to retain even more creative control over the film making process. This sort of thing almost always produces a better film, keeping the greedy fingers of the studios out of the way.

No start dates are announced, but Stone wants this to be his next project. Wall Street 2 drop April 23rd, follow that up with a press circuit, and presumably a month or so to unwind from that production and we're looking at an early summer start for Savages. More on this as it comes out.

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