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Director Steve Pink has already made one attempt at making a guy comedy in the vein of The Hangover, but as we've discussed, Hot Tub Time Machine underperformed pretty significantly at the box office. Still, what's that they say about trying and trying again? Slashfilm is reporting that Pink will try his hand and yet another wish-fulfillment comedy about four adult guys experiencing a supernatural adventure and coming out the better for it.

And this time it's even trendy. Werewolves of Reseda, a screenplay by Brian Frank, reportedly tells the story of four suburban guys whose lives somehow improve when--you guessed it-- they turn into werewolves. Now I'm no werewolf movie expert, but I don't remember any movie character actually being happier when turning into a werewolf. Even Teen Wolf had to learn to play basketball without his wolf skills, and Twilight's Jacob can't even get the girl. Maybe they live in a particularly hair-friendly suburb? Maybe there's a local clan of vampires that needs defeating? Really, as we learned from Hot Tub Time Machine, you don't need logic to make a funny movie-- but it might be exactly what you need to make any money off it.

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