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The minute they knew they had a hit with Sherlock Holmes, Warner Bros. hunkered down to figure out what other somewhat classic property they could turn into an action movie, and immediately set their sights on The Three Musketeers. Well-known characters with a story no one knows anything about, plus instant sequel potential. The fact that Paul W.S. Anderson was also working on his own Musketeers movie surely only motivated them to move faster.

Now they've taken one more step in the race. THR is reporting that Doug Liman, he of both The Bourne Identity and Jumper, is in talks to direct the film, which has been written by Peter Straughn. Oh, and the movie will be in 3D-- but I'm sure you assumed that already. Liman seems like a dandy choice, and surely will make a movie more competent that Anderson. But will it be as much ridiculous fun? Sadly, probably not.

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