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Unless you’re familiar with the band, news of Spike Jonze reuniting with Arcade Fire is unexciting. However, Jonze’s use of the song “Wake Up” in the Where the Wild Things Are trailer is a complete game changer. There’s no way you watched that trailer and didn’t spend the rest of the week humming that song.

As reported by Slash Film, Jonze has been pretty busy in Austin, Texas snatching up late teen actors for a new project. He’s going back to short film land to put together a piece about “friends growing apart.” So where does Arcade Fire come in? The report reveals that the film is some sort of collaborative effort with the band. There’s no word on the project’s length or title, so this is all we’ve got for now.

Even with the lack of details, this is certainly a project worth keeping an eye on. The material shown in the WTWTA trailer was great, but with “Wake Up” billowing in the background, it truly became a work of art. I’m curious to find out to how much the band will be involved in this effort. It sounds more likely it’ll solely be a soundtrack deal, unlike his collaboration with Kanye West in “We Were Once A Fairytale,” considering a casting effort is already underway. While we wait for more news, check out Jonezs’ most recent short, I’m Here.

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