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We’ve thrown our punches, Ebert’s taken his shots, but now it’s time to bring in the heavy hitters. Stephen Colbert took on the 3D fad on last night’s Cobert Report when he interviewed DreamWorks Animation boss Jeffrey Katzenberg. The Katz announced not long ago that every DreamWorks animated film from now on will be released in 3D, and so the conversation turned pretty quickly to whether or not people should wear funny glasses.

Katzenberg justifies his all 3D movie decision by saying, “It’s how we see.” Except of course it’s not. Yes we see in 3D but what we see really looks nothing like what ends up coming out of a 3D screen. For the most part the interview’s pretty jovial, Colbert did do a voice in Katzenberg’s Monsters vs. Aliens after all, but he asks a few tough questions and stops to make fun of the 3D glasses Katz brought along by asking if this meant he was being cast in a Roy Orbison biopic. Colbert gets it. When are audiences going to catch on?

Watch the full Colbert/Katzenberg interview embedded below:

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