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It was odd news that hit back in January about the Coen Brothers-scripted remake of the 60s caper film Gambit, which the two had written but had no plans to direct. Since when did these two write screenplays for other people? It seemed like the production process for Gambit was a little broken, and that if the script ever got made it wouldn't really feel like a Coens project at all.

But I misjudged things, it seems. Deadline Hollywood reports that Doug Liman, whose Fair Game will be premiering at Cannes next month, is eyeing the script, with Summit Entertainment possibly planning to distribute it. Liman's name has been attached to a lot of new projects lately, from a new Three Musketeers movie to film about the famous Attica prison riot, and it's unclear where Gambit might fit in. But with Summit apparently also interested in picking up Fair Game for distribution, they might be able to convince Liman to make another film for them soon. After Fair Game's premiere next month we may be hearing a lot more about this one.

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