Remember way back in January when we told you Peter Dinklage was in talks to star in the horror comedy Knights of Badassdom? It looks like his involvement has finally been confirmed! In an interview with Access Hollywood (via Shock Till You Drop), True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten revealed he is about to go to work on the film with Dinklage as well as Steve Zahn.

The film focuses on a group of LARP-ers (Live Action Role Players) who suit up as knights and elves, ditch their cell phones and head into the woods to reenact a dungeons and dragons scene. Our main players are Joe and Eric. Eric is gung-ho LARP, but it isn’t until Joe loses his girlfriend that he gives in and participates. Good thing too because while he’s there, he meets the super hot LARPer, Gwen. Trouble comes in the form of a fake wizard who casts a spell from an ancient book he bought on EBay that winds up releasing an actual demon. Kwanten explains, “It’s sort of a comedy… like Shaun of the Dead meets Role Models.”

I’m going to take a guess and say that Kwanten is playing Joe considering he’s the most plausible cast member to go from one lady to another. Kwanten gets your sympathy as the lovesick cutie trying to rebound and Dinklage and Zahn handle the comedy; it’s a fantastic mix. Plus, the whole LARP thing is rather new to the movie industry. Yes, Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott dabbled in it in Role Models, but we’re talking an entire feature here. Toss in the actual magical element and the possibilities are really endless.

UPDATE! Bloody-Disgusting adds that Danny Pudi, best known as the genius character "Abed" on NBC's Community, has also been cast in Badassdom.

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