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Did anyone read the title of this article and immediately think of Planet 51 and how horribly unentertaining it was? I sure did. Variety has it that Warner Bros is diving into production of Alien Zoo, a live-action/CGI hybrid “high-concept family comedy” that supposedly combines Jurassic Park and aliens. Not the film Aliens, just aliens. I can already feel the audience yawning.

The one name of note on board in the early stages is producer Bob Shaye, who has in fact given us a few classics in his long and illustrious career including the original Nightmare on Elm Street and the LOTR franchise, which he funded through New Line. However, his recent bid at the Nightmare series hinted that the executive producer might have lost his touch.

In the recent frenzy of live-action/CGI hybrids, it makes sense that a studio like WB would want to get in on the action, despite the utter failure of Marmaduke (I know, there’s not much CG, but god it sucked) and the piss poor showings by the Smurfs and Yogi Bear trailers. Somehow those examples weren’t deterrent enough to keep the entertainment giant away from that style and we’re going to get stuck with more movies that will never be as magical as the live-action/animation classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

As always, counting a movie out early is one way to get in trouble down the road, so we can’t be 100% sure that this movie will definitely suck. But the way things are sounding now sure points to that being a pretty logical assumption.

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