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Timur Bekmambetov's latest film has just hit a major roadblock. No, it's not financial trouble or creative disputes, it's Russia's ongoing wildfire emergency. This comes a week after the country's worst ever wildfires destroyed over 2,000 homes and killed 52 people. The film in question, The Darkest Hour, was supposed to shoot entirely on location in Moscow throughout the Summer, using the 3D technology of Bekmambetov’s Moscow-based effects company, Bazelevs. Shooting has been put on indefinite hold however, as the smoke has made shooting exterior scenes impossible. It's no small matter either, as Deadline reports that "breathing has become as dangerous as smoking several packs of cigarettes a day." Those are some serious health issues right there...

“On any production the health and safety of the actors and crew is of primary concern. The potential health issues and spread of fire has forced the production to be put on hold for two weeks in order to allow things to stabilize in the area. We do not foresee this temporary stoppage of filming effecting the film's wrap date as we always build contingencies into a production schedule to account for unforeseen situations," a spokesman for Summit said.

Luckily, Summit was quick to add that the delay has not caused any issues with actors' schedules, and that cast and crew have been assured production would be completed. The film, which Bekmambetov is producing, revolves around an alien invasion of Moscow. The story is told from a group of young people, fighting to survive as the aliens mount their attack. It will be released by Summit Entertainment and stars Olivia Thirlby, Emile Hirsch, and Gosha Kutsenko, who appeared in previous Bekmambetov films, Night Watch and Day Watch. The film is being directed by Chris Gorak, art director on films such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fight Club, and Minority Report.

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