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The Final Destination keeps trucking even deeper into sequel hell as four actors have been added to the cast of paycheck grabbers in the fifth installment, according to THR. Most notable among them is David Koechner, who The Office fans will know as the delightfully obnoxious Todd Packer.

On his heels are up and comers like Fired Up! star Nicholas D’Agosto, P.J. Byrne of Dinner for Schmucks, and Ellen Wroe. It's safe to assume all of these people will be dead in some strange manner by the end of the film, but since the only name anyone will know off hand is David Koechner, no one will really care. Slapping a few mildly recognizable names into a movie is cheap horror 101 and 5nal Destination has no reason to not keep that tradition alive.

How this franchise has survived simply by taking the original script and replacing names and types of deaths is beyond me. The story is ALWAYS the same, the acting is ALWAYS bad, but no one seems to give a shit as long as there are cool deaths happening. Eventually the masses will get over this and stop spending money on 3D glasses to watch garbage.