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Tomas Alfredson got the attention of American movie goers in 2008 with his stunning vampire romance Let The Right One In. The Swedish film maker parlayed that recognition into a job on his first English language film, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which he is currently hard at work on, and will be adding alternate-universe period piece Larklight to his resume of English language films, says THR.

Based on the 2006 children’s novel by Philip Reeve, the gist of the story is as follows: A violent race of white spiders from outer space mount an attack on our solar system. Being that this takes place in Victorian times, the “alternate universe” portion of the story comes from the idea that in this world explorers have been probing the depths of space since Isaac Newton’s time, making for an interesting twist on space travel. Narrated by Art Mumby, he and his family play an integral role in the battle with the help of space pirate Jack Havock and his crew.

This idea gives Alfredson incredible room to stretch his visual muscles. Anyone who has seen Let The Right One In know that Alfredson has an eye for finding something beautiful in the grotesque, so something like this where beauty is prevalent should be a piece of cake for him to put together well. More on this as cast and crew are added.

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