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Billy Bob Thornton is never afraid to shout out some sort of half-cocked, hypocritical opinion. So here’s another one from him, maybe the dumbest thing he’s said in at least a few months. He thinks movies are terrible and it’s all those darn video games fault.

Talking to the Telegraph Thornton went off on a rant about the entertainment business saying, “In our current state of affairs, especially in the entertainment business, we’re living in a time when we’re making — in my humble opinion — the worst movies in history.” This ignores the fact that he happens to be in one of the worst movies released over the holidays. Faster just isn’t that good.

Billy Bob says the problem is all that shooting people are doing in their homes. He explains that those terrible movies, “They’re geared toward the video game-playing generation. And these video games, which I’m on my son about constantly, these games are people killing for fun, and I think traditionally in movies, there’s always been some kind of lesson in the violent movies.”

It’s safe to assume that he goes on this rant because Faster tries to be the kind of movie he’s talking about. It fails, but at least it tries. I think I’d rather watch one of those vile shoot-em-ups he’s talking about.

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