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Jennifer Lawrence, the Oscar-nominated Winter's Bone star whose career is blowing up right now in a major way-- you can catch her in the new X-Men: First Class trailer, for example-- has found yet another promising new role to add to her roster. According to Deadline she'll be starring for director Oliver Stone in Savages, an adaptation of Don Winslow's bestselling novel.

Stone signed on the project nearly a year ago, and in the meantime Winslow and Shane Salerno have put together a screenplay, telling the story of two Laguna Beach pot dealers who, in some kind of strange arrangement, share a girlfriend (Lawrence). All three wind up getting in trouble when an enforcer from a Mexican drug cartel-- Benicio del Toro is being courted for the role-- shows up to stop the two boys for continuing their pot dealing business. Stone has been meeting with a huge number of actors for the major male roles, including some who seem way too old for the part-- Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy-- and others who seem about right-- Aaron Johnson, Garrett Hedlund. James Franco, another actor on the list, seems neither right or wrong, but is also too old for Lawrence, for what it's worth.

Shooting is set to start in June, and several studios are reportedly already interested.

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