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There are few things I love more than to watch a great scene in a movie that comes fully equipped with an awesome song. In fact, I love it so much that I've capped off the last two years with features dedicated entirely to the idea. A great soundtrack can bring a film to a whole new level, and one upcoming project ready to test out that idea is Hanna. Fortunately, you don't have to wait until the movie comes out to hear it.

The Chemical Brothers, who crafted the music for the Joe Wright young girl assassin movie, have released the entire 20-song soundtrack on MySpace. While I only had time to listen to the first two tracks before I started writing this article, I will admit that I am trying to get it done as quickly as possible so that I can get back to it (damn my inability to write and listen to music at the same time!). Whether you're a fan of the Chemical Brothers or not (who isn't?) I can't imagine that it's not worth at least one listen.

Head over to MySpace to check it out (sorry about the commercials between songs) and keep an eye out for the full soundtrack when it's released on iTunes next Tuesday.

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