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While I can't say that I am a devout fan of Modern Family, I will say two things about the series: 1) the show is often quite funny and has a solid cast and 2) Sofia Vergara is extremely hot. This article pertains to the latter statement.

Variety reports that the Columbian actress is now in talks for the female lead in the Farrelly brothers' The Three Stooges. On Monday it was announced that Sean Hayes had been cast in the role of Larry, joining Will Sasso, who will play Curly in the big screen adaptation. Rather than being a biopic about the stooges, the film will be structured as multiple episodes played back to back, beginning in an orphanage. The role of Moe has not yet been cast.

As beautiful and funny as Vergara may be, I'm still waiting to hear the piece of news that is going to get me actively excited about this project. Then again, at this point nothing short of Joel and Ethan Coen coming on as co-writers is likely to really capture my attention.

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