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We've been hearing about a Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake for years now. The project, set up over at 20th Century Fox, has already seen more than a couple names come and go, including Sacha Baron Cohen and Mike Myers, but the project has never gained enough traction to actually move into production. Apparently Ben Stiller wants to change that.

Deadline reports that the actor/director is now in talks with the studio to make The Secret Life of Walter Mitty his next project. Based on the 1947 film of the same name with Danny Kaye in the lead role, the story is about a a young man who often finds himself lost in daydreams where is the daring hero. His world is turned upside down, however, when he becomes part of a mystery involving the Dutch crown jewels, which have been hidden for years. The article doesn't specify if Stiller will merely act in the film or direct it as well.

If Stiller does end up directing the project himself, I will be considerably more excited. Say what you will about some of his acting choices, Stiller's last two directorial outings - Tropic Thunder and Zoolander - are pure gold. The only shame is that it would mean Zoolander 2 is still out of reach.

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