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The Farrelly Brothers have been almost possible to predict as they assemble the cast for their Three Stooges movie, bringing virtually unknown comedians like Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso, but also TV veterans like Sean Hayes and Larry David. Now another former TV actor, but also one you might not know as well, has joined the fray; according to Variety Stephen Collins, a.k.a. the dad on 7th Heaven, has signed on in a slightly fuzzy role.

Variety's initial report had him playing the villain, but Fox got in touch with them to put the kibosh on that particular rumor. It could mean they got their facts wrong, or that Collins's character doesn't start off as the villain, meaning the filmmakers want to keep that plot development under wraps. All we know so far is that he shows up at the orphanage run by David's and Jane Lynch's nun characters to adopt the Stooges; you're welcome to speculate what happens from there.

Other places you may have seen Collins in his long acting career: No Ordinary Family, Private Practice, Brewster's Millions and even Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

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