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When a suspiciously cleaned-up and accessible for the Conan the Barbarian remake went online last week, Josh was immediately suspicious, noting that even a remake of a gore and nudity-filled original would feel pressure to go PG-13 these days. Even though the film's writer Sean Hood promised online that the film is definitely rated R, nothing is certain until the MPAA weighs in; then again, looking at the new poster for the film it's hard to imagine they're going for anything different.

You can check out a smaller version of the poster below and the full-size over in our Blend Film Database. What I think of immediately is 300, the contrasting black and white with the bright orange flames, the mob of swords and soldiers falling at the sight of our hero-- come on, don't you see the similarities? 300, of course, is one of the most successful R-rated movies of all time, so if the Conan producers are in fact releasing an R-rated movie, you can't blame them for inviting the comparison. Conan the Barbarian, starring Jason Momoa in the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, opens August 19.

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